Chris Nickson, fRoots (2018)

The new. The future. It comes from unexpected directions, and it's always a shock. In this case, it begins with keyboard minimalism that brings Tubular Bells or Terry Riley's In C to mind. This is folk music.

Rasmus Klockljung, Lira Musikmagasin (2018)

Etnosfäär never stands still, new things happen in every song. But even though their music is really tricky to terminate in terms of genres, there's an easier way to describe it: really good and most willful.

Global Music Magazine (2018)

The trio Etnosfäär takes the listener into an unreal sonic world somewhere between folk, ambient, electro and progressive rock.

Joosep Sang, Muusika (2018)

Etnosfäär (Etnosphere) has a fresh, new, curious sound and is definitely worth your attention

Mick Tems, Folkwales Online Magazine (2018)

...their unique sound is goregeous melêe of venerable and proud Estonian folk tradition stirred into a crazy, bubbling brew with the inspiring modern compositions of today; it really is an appetising and mind-blowing experience.

Jüri Pino, ERR (2018)

This is an extremely enjoyable album

Margus Haav, Postimees (2018)

Straight off the bat, there is not much that compares to Etnosphere’s album in the Estonian music scene which is a great deal for a debut album

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